Controversial Loan: Who were Wulff’s lenders?

Statements Egon Geerkens’ suggest that the 500,000-euro loan, the Christian Wulff, took in his time as prime minister in claim de facto from Osnabrück entrepreneurs came. The head of state did deny.

One day after the “regret” by German President Christian Wulff on incomplete data on his home loan new questions have emerged in the case. The news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported statements by the friend of Wulff businessman Egon Geerkens lead to the conclusion that the money had come for the 2008 loans taken out more than 500,000 euros fact of Geerkens himself. About lawyers, Wulff and Geerkens rejected this view and affirmed the credit agreement was concluded with Mrs. Geerkens.

According to the report of the “mirror”, the entrepreneur has stated that he himself negotiated with the then Prime Minister Wulff and wondered “how the business could be handled.” The loan had been paid through an account of his wife, but that he had a mandate Geerkens have explained. For the loan, an anonymous Bundesbank check on Wulff had been sent. “We are both very well known in Osnabrück. And I did not want any bank trainee sees that as much money from me is flowing to Wulff mirror “Egon Geerkens on,” quoting “.

Through its lawyers, Wulff was notified on Friday: “The Sparkasse Osnabrück has confirmed that the check of the Deutsche Bundesbank, which has been provided to the notary available, was covered from the account of Mrs. Edith Geerkens.” These lies an acknowledgment of the Sparkasse Osnabrueck in front. The Treaty on the private loan was closed with Edith Geerkens, it said in the declaration of the Bonn law firm Redeker Sellner Dahs. The couple Wulff had made all the agreed interest payments on the account of Mrs. Geerkens.

In a different light

Wulff is confirmed by a statement from the lawyers Geerkens’. It says: “Contrary to some reports, the private loan to the couple Wulff by Mrs. Edith Geerkens was granted. With it, the credit agreement was concluded. Therefore, the payout in the form of a check of the German Central Bank, the Sparkasse Osnabrueck was also made from the account of Mrs. Edith Geerkens. ”

Egon Geerkens and his wife Edith

On Thursday, Wulff had regretted his previous silence on the personal loan and acknowledged mistakes. It would have been better if he had mentioned to the request of the Lower Saxon deputies on the concrete issues addition, these private contract, said the President. “I recognize that this is a false impression could arise. I regret that. ”
Wulff had been accused that he did not mention nor as Lower Saxony Prime Minister in 2010 in the Diet the credit of the contractor’s wife Edith Geerkens over 500,000 euros, although he had been asked about his relationships with the entrepreneur Egon Geerkens. The “Bild” newspaper had made the case public on Tuesday. Now, when in fact no woman Geerkens, but the entrepreneur has even given the credit that Wulff’s statements appear again in a different light.

Politicians from the government and opposition had welcomed Wulff’s statement on Thursday and expressed their respect. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said Wulff had thus contributed to clarity. “I believe that this was an important statement,” Merkel stressed that they appreciate the work of the President and dignified.

The Greens went to the “Spiegel” report at a distance to Wulff. “If the representation of Mr. Geerkens is true, then Mr. Wulff has in the state parliament of Hannover not even formally told the truth,” said the legal expert of the Greens parliamentary group, Jerzy Montag, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Saturday edition). “It sounds as if you have planned a conscious avoidance. Such a situation does not cover the statement of regret by Christian Wulff from “Monday.” This is devastating for a federal president. ”

In the ARD program “Beckmann” on Thursday evening “Spiegel” editor in chief Georg Mascolo expressed skepticism that the case was now complete. “We are at the core of what makes the story still far away,” he said. “I think the core of the question of whether it is actually Mrs. Geerkens, of which he has to get the money – or whether it really is not a credit of Mr. Geerkens. If that’s the case – and I believe very much to suggest – then Christian Wulff did not tell the truth to the Parliament “.

In Lower Saxony, the criticism of Wulff was not broken off. SPD and the Greens in Hanover penetrate further forward to resolve outstanding issues in a special session of the Council of Elders of the Landtag. Whether it comes to this meeting before Christmas but is questionable.

“In my view, some important points have not yet answered, about, what accounts the money has flowed,” the parliamentary leader of the Greens in parliament, Stefan Wenzel said. In the view of the countryside is still unclear even if Wulff had violated the law Lower Saxony Minister. The SPD requires, among other responses on whether Wulff has made more often in the cottages of the entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer in Mallorca and Egon Geerkens in Florida vacation than previously known.